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Start of School Information for 2022-2023

We look forward to welcoming our students back to campus on Thursday, September 1!

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EMS Newsletter July 15

A Note from Claire Sullivan

Head of Elementary•Middle School

The start of a school year is often marked by tangibles: gathering school supplies, dusting off backpacks that were used for trips or on dog days of camp, printing schedules, and writing out name tags. At EMS, though, the most telling sign that a new year is approaching is the palpable excitement that rolls across campus. That feeling grows as the days tick by until that moment when the first vehicle pulls up to the curb, and a student steps out. I look forward to seeing everyone on that first day. From the returners who are ready to move forward with what they already started to those whose academic career at OB欧宝体育 will now begin. That fervor of the beginning, the anticipation of all that will unfold over the course of just one school year, is what makes OB欧宝体育 such a special place to be. Welcome to EMS!

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